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Do you Struggle with Ideas for Content? - Here's Five Suggestions

Your 5 suggestions for your content this week are here? My LinkedIn Post today is a video of this Each week I pick 5 different subjects and expand to give you some topics to talk about to add value to the content that you share on LinkedIn. Remember that only 1% of people on LinkedIn actually create content, so it won't be long before people start noticing you!!!

  • Burns Night 25 January is the day the celebrates Robbie Burns. A big day in the Scottish calendar, but also a great excuse to go out and eat Haggis. Talk about what you do. What about Whisky? It's growing in popularity, talk about how a decent single malt is expensive but pure. Can you relate this quality to what you do or what your clients do? If you are into writing or poetry, then there are lots of avenues that you can explore here too.

  • Keeping Fit How many people have started the Couch to 5K or joined a gym so far this year? You could probably do some research and make your content really stand out. What are you doing and how are you finding it? Why not give us a weekly update? Are you training for a half marathon or a big cycle ride? Tell us, we're all interested! Create a buzz and inspire people.

  • Why not start a weekly or Monthly Series? I have been writing this Monday Nudge Email each week for over 6 months so this year I thought that I would start a weekly Video Post on LinkedIn. You could do the same. Maybe not video. But what about Tax Tips or easy life hacks? Think about what you do for your clients and come up with a snappy title and start creating a regular post. It could be every 2 weeks if you struggle for time, but even that would give you 26 posts without too much effort.

  • Shout out for a Customer Why not shout out one of your great customers? What have they been up to? We all love a bit of attention, so why not create a post to highlight something great that a customer has done. It could be to be with what you do, but beware that it's not salesy. You could have a regular feature of "spotlight on our client". Remember to @Mention them. They will be chuffed and this will create more engagement from their customers too. Did you know that there is a KUDOS sticker within LinkedIn? Here's a little video to show you how easy this is.

  • Re-Purpose You probably have loads of content ideas all over the shop. Do you have a website? When you created your website, you maybe create some blogs or other useful information. Why not break this into bite-size chunks that you can share on LinkedIn. You could direct people back to the full article (and get traffic to your website). But don't be too blatant about pushing people away from LinkedIn as this will affect your engagement and the algorithm as it takes people away from LinkedIn. Even some of the content that you created last year will still have relevance, why not dig it out and share it again?

Hopefully, this has inspired you to go and get creating your own content.

What you should aim to do daily on LinkedIn?

You should aim to do most of these actions every day!!

  • Check your notifications and respond to any comments.

  • Answer any messages

  • Respond to any connection requests

  • Make a note of your numbers for monitoring

  • Comment and like posts

  • Consider writing your own post. PLEASE aim to write ONE post per WEEK

  • Connect with someone

LinkedIn Live shows this week Tuesday 12:30pm on LinkedIn LinkedIn Live show '15 Minutes Behind the Profile' It's Craig Brookes this week and I cannot wait. This is one guy who has embraced all that LinkedIn can offer to grow his business. Wednesday 12:30pm on LinkedIn 15 Minutes for Accountants & Bookkeepers I have the delightful Della Hudson, she's written 2 books, set up 2 accounting practices and now coaches Accountants & Bookkeepers to have a great business.

If you want a second opinion on your LinkedIn profile, then please get in touch as I'd love to record a review so that you can see where to make optimisation improvements. I'll tell it as I see it and offer three quick and easy fixes for you. All for free, via a personalised 2 minute video. All I ask is that you sign up for my weekly email, The Monday Nudge. Each Monday I'll deliver ideas for creating content into your inbox.

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