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Creative Content Ideas for LinkedIn™️ Instagram and Facebook

Monday Nudge Its WEEK 43

Where does the time go? Half Term already? Are you taking time off or will you create content?

It really doesn't matter if you have a week or two off LinkedIn™️. But take loads of photos so that when you get back you have content!!

If you are sticking around, you'll find more ideas below.

Keep the content flowing. Even once a week si better than most people on LinkedIn™️. You've got this.

Have fun this week, but reach out if you are struggling using the button above.


Here are my ideas for Content this week.

With Half Term you may not want to create content, so hopefully these Ideas will get you thinking about staying front of mind.


Certainly, here's an improved version of your idea for Halloween content:

With Halloween just around the corner, why not share some party ideas? Some people gearing up for weekend celebrations. Why not share what you're doing? How about some creative fancy dress suggestions or your spooky party themes, there's no shortage of inspiration to make your content fun.

Do you have any photos of previous years' fancy dress? That photo of you with blood dripping from your eyes might just add a hilarious twist to the mix, or perhaps not—let's see those reactions! And use topical emojis too


I Celebrated 35 years of marriage on Sunday. I also shared this on LinkedIn™️ because I feel it is important to share good news. It also helps to connect with people and they see the real you. What are you celebrating? Share the stories. Find some photos and let people know a little bit more. What about a work anniversary or maybe it's 10 years since you quit smoking? What could you share?

Comic Con

This event is in London next weekend celebrating everything to do with comic culture. Having never been I haven't a clue, but the costumes look awesome and everyone seems to have fun. Have you been? Do you love comics and graphic novels? Why not share how you got into this or maybe share your photos? If you don't go what about friends? This could be a fun piece of content to do this week.

National "I Care About You" Day

This is on Wednesday 25 October. What a great idea for a day. So what could you post about today then? Share how people have cared about you. Give a friend a shout-out and sat why you care about them. Talk about what you do. I'm a big hugger which is a great way to show you care. How about inspiring others to follow your lead?

Rugby World Cup Final

CLOSE - But no cigar. Have you been loving the Rugby World Cup? It's the final on Saturday. Will you be watching? Do you have any stories of your journey this World Cup? Are you beside yourself because your team are not in the final? Or maybe you are a fan of South Africa or New Zealand. Who's gonna win? Could this be a poll?

Wishing you lots of LinkedIn™️ success

Have a fantastic and creative week


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