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Content Inspiration: 5 Ideas to Boost Your LinkedIn Presence Content Ideas for GROWTH - What works

LinkedIn™️ Feature UPDATE

The Harry Potter Video is going.....

If you have seen my profile there is a video like Harry Potter under the Profile Photo. It has not been available to set up a new one for a while.

BUT NOW, it is going... So to enable us all to have an introductory video I have thought about using the Featured Section. I've even created a video for you!

In this video, I share how to create your own Intro Video to pick up where the profile video left off. This is your chance to create a short video to help people see the real you and help you to stand out. People love videos. (Seen Tik Tok recently )

If you have any questions about this video or LinkedIn™️ then please let me know. I love creating new videos to help you, or maybe the subject can be my next LinkedIn™️ Drop-in Surgery.

Good luck with your content this week.


My Nudge is also a VIDEO

Watch HERE

Here are my ideas for Content this week.

I'm seeing many people feeling overwhelmed at the moment and dropping LinkedIn™️.

Please don't give up.

It's important to create content at least once a week. 3 times is optimum, but even 1 post per week is better than 95% of people on LinkedIn™️ so you will be a winner!!

Just keep it real.

Be authentic.

Personal Development

What training course have you been on recently? What are you doing to help YOU be better? Is it just a podcast or a book, or do you jump onto a training session or pay a tidy sum to join a workshop? What tips have you got to share? What about shouting out a great mastermind or group that you belong to?

Business Cards

Do you still have them? Share a photo of yours and ask the question, what makes a good business card? If you are a graphic designer, give us some tips. WHat is the best card you;ve ever seen and why? Is this something you have still to do or do you use one oof these new QR code-type cards? Have they had their day? Do you have a pile of cards of people you'll never contact?

Micky Mouse's Birthday 18 November

On 18 November 1928, we saw the first appearance of Micky Mouse! Why not celebrate the day with a poll of your favourite Disney movie? There's loads that you can talk about, the best theme park, the best cartoon character. Share your fun with Micky Mouse and your children. Do you have any funny stories of trips to theme parks or photos of you with Micky?

Guinness World Records Day 18 November

Also on 18 November is Guinness World Records Day!! Are you a record breaker? I know of a couple. Why not give them a shout-out, or share your little-known fact about YOU!! How cool if you have the longest.... the tallest.... or maybe you....... Or are you attempting something new? I used to love watching The Record Breakers on TV as a kid with the McWhirter twins and Roy Castle. Maybe share some stories of those shows. I guess the book is due out soon too eh? Clever marketing!!

Anti Bullying Week

I was bullied at school. I guess that's why I am like I am. I could never fight back, so I used humour to break down the bullies. We never had things like Anti-Bullying Week. Talk bout your experiences and how you overcame them. Do you have Anti-Bullying policies in work? How have you defeated the bullies? If you have bullied children, why not share to help other parents on here? The more we talk about these things the more we get to understand.

Good luck with your content, if you need even more ideas, don't forget my book. 101 Ideas for LinkedIn - Content Made Easy

But if you get stuck please reach out


More Helpful ideas on my YouTube Channel

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