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Content Ideas for Growth - What Content Works Well on LinkedIn?

My goodness what a lovely surprise getting all that sun. I'm sorry if you've been stuck in a city, hopefully, you had Air Con! How was your first week back? Are things going crazy or are you too busy to create content? Just create one bit of content a week, but keep doing it because it is important to stay regular.

Here are Ten reasons for creating regular content Visibility and Engagement Audience Retention Building Trust and Authority Brand Awareness Staying Relevant Driving Traffic Engaging Your Audience Feedback and Interaction Consistent Messaging Boosting Algorithm Favorability Which one stands out for you? Focus on that and then think of something to write about this week. But don't forget to comment regularly too!! Here are my five ideas for content this week. More details are below, and don't forget my video in which I am standing and paddling on my paddleboard Here's that Paddleboard video I'm here to help if you get stuck all the best Ashley

Here are my ideas for Content this week. Give away a Top Tip I shared some great tips with my Canva training last week (Full recording here) So why not think of some tips that you can share? Something simple that you do every day may seem dead obvious to you, but I bet not everyone knows it. Do you have shortcuts in your browser, or top hacks to make your morning routine run smoothly? Or what about how you manage your emails? Summer Reads I am currently reading One Two Free by Tracy Irwin. It's brilliant. Have you read a good book this summer? What can you recommend? Do you like thrillers, romance or non-fiction? Why not use it as an excuse to share a selfie of you reading the book and then talk about what you have got from it? If it is a business book, tag the author and see what happens. Doodle Day 15 September Organised by Epilepsy Action All these different events give us so many topics to talk about eh? Do you have to worry about payroll and how does it affect you? What about your HR departments? Or maybe even talk about pensions? Do you do your payroll and do you have any tips to make it easy? I know a lot of people reading this are Accountants & Bookkeepers so here's a great idea for you!!! Why do we need great payroll, what can we do to make life easier? National Beach Clean Week 15 - 24 September Now that the masses have gone home, why not get back to the beach and help give it a tidy? You can find out more (Here). Do you pick up other people's litter? If I'm out walking and some rubbish I pick it up and put it in the bin, we're all responsible eh? What tips do you have for keeping the beach clean? Do you have any stories to share? Do you have any similar events near you it doesn't have to be beach-related. London Fashion Week Here's a topic that will enable you to come up with some great photos. Or what about stories of your failed fashion disasters? Or maybe you are in the fashion industry in some way. You could talk about icons of the fashion world and how they inspire what you do, or maybe what we can learn from big events like this when running our own business. Are you going to use any of these ideas? Please let me know if you have any suggestions for a future edition and I'll credit you with your topic. If you like the content, please share this with your friends and colleagues. They can sign up here.

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