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Can the free version of MailChimp really help me reach my customers?

In a word, YES.

Are you sending out regular mailings to your clients? Do they look professional? Is it all too difficult to get it sent out? Do you even have a method?

If you are not sending messages regularly to your clients, ask yourself who is?

The chances are that your clients get regular emails from many different places all offering excellent service on everything from photocopiers and franking machines, to leasing and accountancy service. If you are not sending anything, then you’re missing out.

In fact, you may not consider Apple as a competitor, but look at the quality and engagement of their mailings and you’ll soon realise why they are a competitor. Everyone receives all kinds of email messages from companies with far bigger budgets than you, so you need to stand out too!

So where do you start?

It has to be easy, frictionless and something that you WANT to do, rather than it being a chore. Let’s face it, when was the last time you did anything that you didn’t want to or enjoy doing it? If it’s easy you’ll look forward to doing it and the content will be so much better for it. And therefore you’ll get more engagement,

You need a system.

This could be an all singing and dancing system like Salesforce or maybe HubSpot, or you could just use spreadsheets and word etc. Whatever you use though has to be easy to set up and send. This is why I use MailChimp. They also have a free version which works perfectly with the few clients that I have the small number of messages that I send out.

What is MailChimp?

MailChimp is the All-In-One integrated marketing platform for small businesses, to grow your business on your terms. It's easy to use too. This was lifted straight from their website! Basically you have a pool of clients and prospects and hit a few buttons to send out messages to selective audiences.

These messages can be created to look very professional using templates, or even creating your own designs, but once a template is set up and your clients are in the system it is very simple to quickly send out a message to all of your clients, prospects or a smaller subgroup.

Just imagine if something changes and you want to inform all your clients? Maybe you are on leave, or there’s some new legislation? How would you feel if you could just press a few buttons, drop in some text and press go? PLUS with the tracking, you can see who’s opened your messages and send again to those people who haven’t opened your message!

screen shot of the easy user interface of Mailchimp
Using Mailchimp to send emails is as easy as drinking coffee

What next?

Sign up and get started using the free version. The MailChimp model is like many other software vendors, they have a free version and then offer bells and whistles to enhance your experience and increase your marketing. But the free version will at least get you started and on the road to keep in touch with your customers and prospect.

There are many videos and YouTube channels dedicated to MailChimp so you’ll soon get up to speed with using it. But if you want a guided tour and some pointers, I can easily show you in just 15 minutes how you can achieve a streamlined process to send messages. Book a call with me using this link if you want to know more or go and sign up here.

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