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7 Ideas for Posting on Social Media this Week

  • Thanksgiving (this Thursday) I'm not sure how many people reading this have American connections, but it's a big part of the run-up to Christmas and many people will be celebrating. DO you have customers in the USA? Talk about how a big celebration brings people together. How you have to plan for a closed office. What, if anything, you do.

  • I'm a Celebrity You cannot escape this, can you? I know what it is about, but it's not my thing, but it is back on our screens. A post about this will get engagement because it is all over our TV's at the moment. If you are a fan, consider a weekly round up. If you don't get it, why not try a poll. What is a celebrity? Are we scraping the barrel? Surely we should pretty much know all of the celebs? Why do they do it? Loads of things to post about here I am sure.

  • 24 November 1991 Freddie Mercury died aged 45. The enigmatic Queen frontman died 30 years ago. Where did that time go? 45 seemed old back then eh? What's your favourite Queen song. How have things changed around AIDS in that time?

  • The staff Christmas party. What are you doing? Are going all BIG because plans were curtailed last year, to are you scaling back because of higher covid risks? What about you solo business owners, what do you do? I created my post yesterday about Christmas parties and had over 1600 views already.

  • Fun Friday. I know that LinkedIn is NOT Facebook but why can't we have a bit of fun on a Friday? My guest on my LinkedIn Live show '15 Minutes Behind the Profile' this week was Carly Shaw. She said that she posts Serious stuff on a Monday, a video on a Wednesday and on Friday something a bit lighthearted. With this plan, she is super consistent and has grown her network to nearly 3,500 connections. The episode is here on my YouTube Channel. Hey please do me a favour and subscribe. I need 100 to get a name.

  • Money-Back Guarantee. Did you see my POLL this week? Nearly 6000 views, 100 votes and 72 comments. It got people talking. Do you do it? What other guarantees do you have? Why do we like a guarantee? James Blunt has just released his latest album and his guarantee is that if it gets to number one he'll not release any more music.

  • Black Friday. Loads of deals out there. Do you have any offers? Talk about how you get involved or do not? Do a poll to find out who uses it to create a marketing campaign.

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