7 Ideas for Posting on Social Media this Week

  • Thanksgiving (this Thursday) I'm not sure how many people reading this have American connections, but it's a big part of the run-up to Christmas and many people will be celebrating. DO you have customers in the USA? Talk about how a big celebration brings people together. How you have to plan for a closed office. What, if anything, you do.

  • I'm a Celebrity You cannot escape this, can you? I know what it is about, but it's not my thing, but it is back on our screens. A post about this will get engagement because it is all over our TV's at the moment. If you are a fan, consider a weekly round up. If you don't get it, why not try a poll. What is a celebrity? Are we scraping the barrel? Surely we should pretty much know all of the celebs? Why do they do it? Loads of things to post about here I am sure.