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5 Ideas for Creating Content

Will you create content this week?

I am writing my book at the moment and using all of the data that I have in these Weekly Ideas to go into the book. Because I have been doing these blogs for over a year now I am very used to looking for content ideas so here are some more for you to get your teeth into.

You know that only 1% of people create any content, so why not join the 1% gang?

Here are five content ideas to help you this week.

Tour de France

Have you noticed that the Tour de France has started? Kicking off in Copenhagen on Friday 1 July this epic race will not finish until 24 July in Paris. There's so much that you can write about here. Are you a cyclist or a MAMIL? Will you be watching any of the race on TV or even getting out to the route? Talk about the stamina needed and how you have to have stamina when running a business. Is there anything in what you do that relates to the Tour de France?

School Holidays

I've already seen one post about the youngsters finishing school. Have you got any plans? If you are a working parent or carer, tell us what you'll be doing to cover the holidays. If you are an employer do you offer flexible working? Any grandparents looking forward to the summer? Tell us about your getaway plans or will it be a staycation for you?

Plastic Free July

July sees an awareness for reducing plastic by Plastic Free Foundation Heres' the website What are you doing to support this movement? Do you have recycling policies in your company?

Quote of the week

Do you like quotes? Do you use any for motivation or in your business? How about sharing a top quote once a week? Share the ones you love. Or what about turning it on it's head and talk about why you do not agree with some quotes. If you have some valid ideas to back you up, this could make for an engaging post and also create a good bit of engagement.

Industry News

What's going on in your industry? Do you keep up to speed with the trends or the comings and goings of big players in your market? Maybe talk about some of the things that are happening in your industry. Is there new legislation that has come in that you need to sort out. Can you offer help because you've already caught up with something specific? You could be a signpost for new innovations or exhibitions.

For more ideas for content, look at my NEW weekly blog sharing all my posts from last week. (Plus analytics). See what works, and what doesn't and get more ideas to help you to become more creative.

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