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5 Great ideas to make your content current

Will you create content this week?

I hear of some LinkedIn Experts saying about posting content EVERY DAY or one who pushes their students to create 4 bits of content every day.

FOUR pieces of content every day? I couldn't even do that. 😂 More to the point, if you are putting out that much content you'll get people running from you because it is just too much!! I used to like Eastenders and Coronation street back in the 80's because it was just a couple of nights a week. I've not watched it for ages now. Just too much 🤦‍♂️

Once a week is a great place to start.

Here's FIVE content ideas this week. (See Below for a full breakdown)

  • Wimbledon!

  • Baby Steps

  • World Wellbeing Week

  • British Grand Prix

  • Finances

Scroll down for more in-depth details or watch the video here

I've added a New Feature to My Monday Nudge!!!

If you missed any of my ramblings this week, or want to see how they perform then this is a review of ALL my posts for the week and the analytics! Hop over to my weekly Blog on my website and see what sort of things I've been talking about with my content and I also share the number of impressions. You'll be able to see how different styles of posts work! Let me know what you've been up to with your posts on LinkedIn! If you would like me to review your LinkedIn Profile click the button below.

Here are five content ideas to help you this week.


The biggest Tennis tournament in the world? Not sure, but what a spectacle. So much that you could write about. Will the UK have anyone in the final? Doe the price of strawberries increase for two week? Will you be drinking Pimms? Do tennis players earn too much and did you know that the total prize fund is £40M

Baby Steps

I've been talking about taking little steps over a long period of time. Is this anything that you do? Have you achieved something huge but it's taken you ages and people see it as an overnight success? Do you have any tips that you could share?

World Wellbeing Week

We are all talking about this more nowadays eh? What do you do? Share your top tips for feeling great. Or talk about how you have overcome some hurdles in your life. This is where we can use this platform to inspire people. It's brave talking about some of these things, but it's cathartic to share them. If it helps just one person to take action, you've done something wonderful.

British Grand Prix

The F1 season is well underway and Lewis Hamilton has not yet won a race!! Will he win at home? Do you like F1, are you going? Will you watch it on TV? You can talk about how the teams work really hard or how about how the pit crew change a set of tyres? I used this analogy to help one of my coaching clients to see how to make their team perform better.


Money and the cost of living seem to be in the news quite a bit at the moment. What are you doing in your business to make sure all the bills are paid. Do you operate a business where you can help people? Talk about some top tips that you do. Or what about some of the services that you offer? Talk about them as tips rather than laying it on thick so that people can buy stuff from you.

For more ideas for content, look at my NEW weekly blog sharing all my posts from last week. (Plus analytics). Click Here to See the BLOG

If you would like to see me talking about these ideas on video, here you go

Have I ever mentioned that I like to create new videos to help you with LinkedIn? Let me know if you need a hand and I'll record one just for you. I'll also share it, so do not worry I'll not mention you by name. Unless you ask me to......

My previous weekly videos are on my YouTube Channel. You'll also find some helpful "How To" videos too! If you cannot see what you are looking for, let me know and I'll create one for you!

If you have any questions please send me a DM on LinkedIn. Or book a 15 minute chat with me.

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