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5 Great Ideas to help you to create Content

Is this the week that you create content?

I know that you want to post content, but looking for the right ideas or the right time. Why not have a go this week.

I promise that it'll be fine.

You just need to have a go and with the ideas below you have no excuse. Even if EVERYONE who reads this email wrote about the item Glastonbury, your version would still be unique, so please do not let that put you off. ALSO, you have your own network!!

Go on, create that post today!!!

Once a week is a great place to start.

Here are my five content ideas to help you this week.


FOMO for me this week, and funny how the weather changes eh? Have you ever been? Are you going this year? Will you be watching it on TV? There are so many things to write about. Paul McCartney? Dianna Ross and loads of other great musicians gracing the fields of Worthy Farm in Somerset.


I've been talking about fear and Confidence this week. Do you have any stories about how you have overcome your fear or lack of confidence? DO you have any tips to share about confidence? People love to hear how we have faced our fears because we all have days when it can be tough. Open up a little and see what happens.

The Longest Day

Can you believe that we're on 21 June already? Do you celebrate the Summer Solstice? Are you enjoying the late evenings, or do you have kids and they still think it's daytime at bedtime? Talk about what you like about the early mornings and the summer evenings. Share photos of your great sunsets.


It's that time of year when our youngsters worry about the rest of their lives as they take their exams. Uni, GCSE's and A-Levels. But we all have to take exams. Do you have any tips? What was your hardest exam? How is the stress in your family at the moment and what are you doing to help those loved ones sitting their exams and tests?


There's a shiny new ICON on LinkedIn. Is the FUNNY icon. Why not write something funny to get us laughing and start introducing this new icon? It could be a long story about how something funny happened to you. It could be a joke or even a funny rhyme. Let's have some laughs this week and see who can get the most of these new icons on their post!!

If you would like to see me talking about these ideas on video, here you go

Have I ever mentioned that I like to create new videos to help you with LinkedIn? Let me know if you need a hand and I'll record one just for you. I'll also share it, so do not worry I'll not mention you by name. Unless you ask me to

My previous weekly videos are on my YouTube Channel. You'll also find some helpful "How To" videos too! If you cannot see what you are looking for, let me know and I'll create one for you!

If you have any questions please drop them on the Private Alumni Group pages or send me a DM on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Article is here

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