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LinkedIn Mastermind

This Mastermind is designed for anyone who wants more accountability, more knowledge, and more fun from LinkedIn.   We'll meet monthly as a group and there is also one-to-one time too. 

Each month we hold a group coaching session over zoom. The sessions will allow each member to catch up and share their progress, wins, and struggles. Each month we'll cover a topic (as chosen by consensus) and Deep Dive into that subject with Me helping you, guiding you, and giving advice and top tips. We'll have a chance to all say a few words at these sessions to give us that much-needed accountability.


PLUS every month on a 1:1 basis each member gets a 30-minute session with Me to cover absolutely anything to do with being a LinkedIn Influencer and growing your use and engagement on this incredible platform.  

I want you to flourish on LinkedIn, I want you to get more business and I want you to know as much about LinkedIn as me.  This mastermind will give you the tools and help that you need to become a LinkedIn influencer and person who people turn to for business.

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