LinkedIn Help

Do you love Instagram & FaceBook, but are frustrated by LinkedIn?

Does the stuffiness of LinkedIn intimidate you?

Do you lack the confidence to do much on this platform or end up scrolling without getting anywhere?

Using LinkedIn doesn’t have to be stuffy or hard. I can help.

I’m so confident that I can make LinkedIn more fun and that you utilise it's great power that I offer a Money-Back Guarantee with my training

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Sports Facility

Accountability and Regular Coaching

You get out what you put in

Do you have great ideas, but struggle to get them actioned?  Is it easier to put something off, rather than to crack on with it?

With your tailored monthly plan, you can be assured that you'll make progress to your goals.  I will meet with you virtually, every week, to keep you accountable for the goals that we set each month.

Each month we'll meet for an hour to plan what happens next and explore the areas in your world that need greater attention.  I'm your confidant, your conscience and your sounding board for when you have those moments of self-doubt or you just need to run your thoughts past someone you trust.

If you do not want to sign up for a regular program, why not just book some time with me and let's work out your issues on an ad-hoc basis.   Simply book a 15-minute chat with me so that we can investigate exactly what you need and then we can come up with a plan to help.  Obviously, you'll also know how much it'll all cost before you make a decision. 

The initial chat is free and for every 15-minute chat I have, I will be planting a tree in India.  See my Impact Page for more information.