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My Impact Scorecard


I believe that every business has the power to change lives. Even if you are small like me! I want to make life better for my clients, my partners, my network and their families by the work I do, and how I do it.  I also want to make life better for people I may never meet, and in places, I may never travel to.

In order to do this, I have signed up to B1G1 and will be giving for every good thing that happens to my business.  It's only a small step, but it's the small things that make the difference.  I do not have the CSR budgets that huge corporations have, but I can do what I can.  You can see my impacts so far by scrolling down.

Here are my initial plans

For every 15-minute chat that I have,  I will be planting a tree in India.  See my Impact Page​ for more information.

For every new client, I work with I will provide a year's supply of vitamin doses to prevent a child from going blind.

If you want to do your bit to help the B1G1 movement please scroll down and see a message from my friend Steve Pipe.  He's retired and now helping B1G1 deliver impact giving around the world.

A message from Steve Pipe

My Impact Giving Map

These are some of the causes that I believe in and have already donated to.  I will be giving more to these causes when something good happens to my business.  This will be for every new client.  Every paid hour of coaching I give.  Every 5 Star review I receive.  A video testimonial on my website and I'll keep adding others as my business grows and I can come up with other ways to make an impact.

Areas close to my heart

My Impacts to date

Here are some areas that I am helping to improve with my giving
Click the Learn More button to be taken to the B1G1 website to find out more and see if you can too become an impact giver.

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