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Through my LinkedIn Habit Workshop, I help get people into a habit of using LinkedIn on a regular basis to get more engagement and ultimately more business.  As part of this, I follow up with this email each week with tips on what's happening on LinkedIn and give you some ideas of what to post about so that you get vene more engagement with your content creation.  If you want top tips every Monday please sign up.

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Why not book a non-obligation 15-minute free chat with me?  I'll answer any questions that you have and hopefully help you to get an idea of what needs to happen next.

With my vast experience of working with business owners over the last 15 years and in the sales arena since 1991, I can help you with many aspects of running your own business.  

By spending just 15 minutes with me, you'll have some clearer ideas and understand if working with a coach is something you wish to pursue.

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If you want to get in touch, please enter your details.  We do not keep your details for marketing or store them in a database.

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