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Regular Coaching and Accountability

£300.00 per month

We all know what we need to do, but are we held accountable?  With this top-level package, you'll have 1 hour of coaching every month to tease out what you need to be doing with your business.

You'll also have a 15 Minute weekly 1:1 with me to ensure that you stay on plan, get more help, have a sounding board or anything else you need.  Let's face it when you are the boss who can you turn to?

1:1 AdHoc Coaching

£175.00 per hour

Want to get somewhere with your business?  Not sure what it is and you do not want to sign up for a monthly package.  With my ad-hoc service, we can help you find your issues and come up with plans to get over them.

I have helped people with their job searching, business planning, and even recruitment and software problems.

I am here to help you to see outside of the box.  Simply book a 15-minute chat with me so that we can investigate exactly what you need and then we can come up with a plan to help.  Obviously, you'll also know how much it'll all cost before you make a decision. 

Free Initial Chat


15 minutes to explore

Why not book a non-obligation 15-minute free chat with me?  I'll answer any questions that you have and hopefully help you to get an idea of what needs to happen next.

With my vast experience of working with business owners over the last 15 years and in the sales arena since 1991, I can help you with many aspects of running your own business.  

By spending just 15 minutes with me, you'll have some clearer ideas and understand if working with a coach is something you wish to pursue.

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