Client Reviews

What my clients say about working with me

Norman Bowman

Lasting Impact

I can’t sing Ashley’s praises enough. His knowledge and energy are fantastic and he’s so very personable and on the level with you. In what felt like a very brief one-hour session he quickly discovered the chinks in my business’s armour and, through probing but pertinent questions, pointed me in the right direction. And this without any prior knowledge of my profession. I’m a Celebrant of funerals and weddings by the way. It goes to show how broadly applicable his skill are. Afterwards, I was left with a to-do list that highlighted changes and additions needed to make sure my business not only stands out from the crowd but also helps seal the deal. Can’t recommend his services enough and will be making use of him again.

James Twigger


“I first met Ashley when he was working for Quickbooks and soon realised that he was more than just a sales guy.  He just wanted to help and that is why I worked with him as a coach as he has a really great understanding of what makes customer service excellent.

On top of that, as a coach is brilliant and has really helped me with my business growth.  In fact, even after my first session with him, he highlighted some areas that I needed to do which saved me over £1,200 in the first month.

But it wasn't just the highlighting of things that helped me, it's the fact that he has held me accountable for my actions, which is just what I need.  Running a practice means that I am always busy, but Ashley has helped me to move from working in the business to being able to take time out and work ON the business instead.

I would definitely recommend having a chat with Ashley if you have any questions about coaching or you just need some fresh ideas.  He never gives you the hard sell and is very open and approachable.”

Simon Mortimore

Mortimore & Co.

I have been working with Ashley since he was my Business Development Manager at Quickbooks in 2017 and always found him easy to work with and very knowledgeable with everything that we do.  It's very obvious that he has been working with Accountants for 14 years.

I have also been involved with Ashley through 1:1 coaching and I always come away from our sessions with brilliant ideas and plans to get things done.  He's helped me with many things including my team, pricing awareness, processes and he's even helped me with my compliance software selection as he has no bias, but understands the market!

Working with a coach has definitely been a bonus, especially through the Pandemic because I always had someone to turn to when I required a sounding board or just someone to help when needed.  Ashley has been brilliant and I look forward to our continued business relationship.