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Thank you for purchasing a copy of my book.

Here is the resource page to help you get even more from the book and get you creating more content.  Make sure that you download the monitoring spreadsheet so that you can record all your content creations and inside you'll also find a special bonus for creating a great daily habit on LinkedIn to help you get more leads.

I've also included some of the most popular videos from my YouTube Channel Check it out at

PLUS.  Check out the wonderful authors who have added an endorsement to my book.  They are all awesome and so are their books, make sure you go and check them out and maybe connect with them on LinkedIn.

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All of these lovely people have endorsed my book, but they too have written books so why not check them out and see if they can help you.

How to create a LinkedIn Document Post using Canva - Upload and share documents on LinkedIn 2022
Ashley Leeds

How to create a LinkedIn Document Post using Canva - Upload and share documents on LinkedIn 2022

If you've been reading my book. 101 Ideas for LinkedIn - Content Made Easy, On page 77 I introduce the Document Post. Here's the accompanying video to help you create this great resource to give you evergreen content. Watch the video again here People often ask me for better ways to share information. Or How do I post a PDF on LinkedIn? With the Document Post feature on LinkedIn, you can now get even more creative. Do you want to add even more value to your content creation on LinkedIn? If you've been using Instagram and love the carousel option then the Document Post could be just the thing for you to get creative on LinkedIn. It takes a bit more work than a text post, but the results are brilliant and you'll get more engagement, especially if your topics are on point. As an advisor, you may be able to do one of these every week to give away some great help to your audience and build it into a great series. Timestamps 00:00 Start 00:13 Set up in Canva 00:30 Branding 01:19 Add new Slides 02:02 Final Slide 02:50 Share as pdf 03:16 Upload to LinkedIn 03:49 Create the Post on LinkedIn 04:32 Working on LinkedIn 05:02 Finish Be sure to upload it to your featured Section when you are done too. Watch the video again here If you want to know more get in touch or try one of my LinkedIn resources from my LinkedIn profile. Why not improve your activity on LinkedIn with my LinkedIn Daily Habit Challenge in just five days you will see views to your profile increase. Sign up here. For even more resources go to
How to Find Clients on LinkedIn - BEST LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategies (LinkedIn Marketing)
Ashley Leeds

How to Find Clients on LinkedIn - BEST LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategies (LinkedIn Marketing)

It's easy to get new business on LinkedIn if you know how! In this video, Ashley shows you the easy solution, how to find clients on LinkedIn Watch the video again Take my FREE 5 day Challenge The good news is you don't need to be using the paid-for tools on LinkedIn in order to bring a new stream of new clients and potential leads. Nurturing a large number of connections and engaging with them on a consistent basis will most likely be one of the best pieces of your marketing strategy. Let's be clear, it's totally free to find and engage with clients on a daily basis using the LinkedIn interface. Treat it as a networking event, remember that if you were to walk into a networking event you would be smart, personable and chatty - that advice applies to your LinkedIn social profile, it's the first thing people see and can make an enormous difference to your success on the platform. People buy from people who they like, know and trust. Getting to know your potential clients is the real key. We are seeing some clients getting 25-50% of their clients from LinkedIn and growing their business. We can give you all the education and tips for LinkedIn to make sure with just a small investment of 15 minutes a day. When we add up 15 minutes a day over a whole year which equates to 65 hours of full-on marketing, the results will be more clients and more visibility. Consistency is the real key. Imagine LinkedIn as a networking event, probably the biggest networking event in the whole world, getting to know people by meeting them online. It's easy and free, but the one main tip we can give you is consistency, commitment and being helpful to others. #linkedin #linkedintips #linkedinprofiletips Bookmark pages and profiles that you find useful, especially those of potential clients that you want to engage with regularly. the page, it takes as little as 15 minutes a day to get into a consistent rhythm of posting, liking, commenting and getting involved. Use a set time of day for your posting and interactions, yes ideally you'd be able to continually engage with people for a lot of the day (we understand that for most people that isn't realistic as you're not LinkedIn trainers) but getting clients is easy if you are able to just consistently Using the LinkedIn interface can seem a little confusing, there's almost too much to do! What we are saying is in order to consistently bring in new clients on a daily basis it isn't that hard! Just worry about getting the basics right. This is the way to make client aquisition easy, consistent and only cost 15 minutes every day - no doubt you know that is the case, just watch this video and take that next step, let's make your LinkedIn a new business machine! Improving your feed is key, make sure you hit the ignore button. Just don't connect to 'anyone', it's about the quality. So if you want to improve your profile, please see our free profile optimisation and advice - signup for free here: - How about a review of your LinkedIn profile? I'll send you a video of me saying what I see when I look at your profile. Make sure you are doing everything RIGHT, clear your notifications, maintenance within your LinkedIn profile daily is super important, doing the little things makes a big difference and it is this consistent approach to LinkedIn that brings you new opportunities, conversations and therefore new clients. TIMESTAMPS 00:00 - Intro, how to find clients using LinkedIn 00:25 - Why should you be using LinkedIn to find clients 01:00 - Run correctly LinkedIn will get you, clients, every day 01:50 - How should I think about LinkedIn as a tool 02:25 - How do we get started with LinkedIn 03:20 - Check your 'red dots are where you need to be 05:30 - Monitor your views on LinkedIn and see your engagement growing 06:00 - What are the main mistakes people are making on LinkedIn 07:50 - Get your headline right, how you help people 08:40 - What should you use for your banner on your LinkedIn profile 09:09 - What are the top tips for LinkedIn success 10:05 - Commenting and making LinkedIn conversational 10:30 - What is your ideal client, what is your target audience 10:59 - Using LinkedIn search and refining your results 11:30 - Making the right connections and being personal 12:05 - Being successful on LinkedIn is creating your own content 13:00 - Ask people to get involved with your LinkedIn content 13:47 - THE Top tips for LinkedIn success 14:39 - What does a great LinkedIn post look like 15:11 - Loving LinkedIn and a steady stream of new clients 15:50 - Ending Watch video again Take my FREE 5 day Challenge Each day I'll send you a video to help you get more views and connections on LinkedIn. All in 5 days & less than 15 minutes a day .
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