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Because so many people struggle to write content for LinkedIn I have written a book to give you over 101 Ideas to get you started.  With a background on why we should post and what to do this book is a useful resource to ensure you do not have those writer's block moments.

Luke (Amazon Review)

I ordered this LinkedIn Content book a week ago as I had gone a month of not posting on LinkedIn. I had no idea what to write! If this is a familiar feeling, I can’t recommend this book enough. There are so many ideas and prompts in there that after a session of going through it, I already had enough ideas for over 40 posts. It’s easy to understand, funny and has lots of space to scribble down ideas as you can see! What a genius Ashley Leeds is, can’t recommend this book enough to start posting on LinkedIn.

TwigGB (Amazon Review)

I’m not gonna lie, I’ve always been a Facebook person rather than LinkedIn. I find it much easier to post random stuff about what I’m up to, and have always struggled to come up with ideas for more professional content on LinkedIn.
I’ve been so grateful to find this book by Ashley Leeds with simple, practical tips to ensure your content is relevant, interesting and encourages engagement - there is also space to log the stats so you can see which posts did the best.
Highly recommended - thank you Ashley!

John Espirian

As a LinkedIn consultant, I receive lots of questions from clients about what they ought to post. I often trot out the same handful of suggestions but Ashley has taken it to another level in this highly practical book. Good work, sir!

Michael Heppell LOVES My Book!

Michael Heppell, Author, Speaker, and Coach raves about 101 Ideas for LinkedIn - Content Made Easy 

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