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Karen Meadows


Karen Meadows recently took part in the Daily LinkedIn Habit Workshop run by Ashley Leeds from Full Cup Coaching.

Following this course, Karen has seen her engagement increase on the platform, but more importantly, she has got into a habit and is loving using LinkedIn.

It's not about the numbers or the reach, it's all about consistency and with the Daily Habit, you get that.

Nigel Grayson-Thorne

Testimonial From Nigel

Nigel Grayson-Thorne - Owner - ABK Accounting Services Ltd

RE: LinkedIn Habit Training Course – End of Week Update

I have just updated my stats for  LinkedIn for the week and here are the figures for the whole week:

  • Profile views up 3,425% week on week = massive upturn in profile views

  • Profile views from Mon to Fri up 158% =  profile views increase immediately and continued to increase throughout the week

  • Connections up 7.2% and the quality of connections is much better

  • Followers up 7.1%

  • SSI score up 5 points from 66 to 71

  • SSI network rank up from 24% to 16%

  • SSI industry rank no change = top 1%

  • SSI average in Accounting Industry = 18 (mine was 66 and is now 71)

  • 1 LinkedIn post outstripped all my previous LinkedIn posts by significant margin

  • All my LinkedIn posts are getting greater engagement and far better numbers


  1. Massive improvements in all metrics

  2. Huge positive feedback loop from day one

  3. Not reflected in the numbers, but the quality of my network has improved

Still work to do for me but it’s clear if you follow the training:

  1. The course works and works fast

  2. The course delivers exponential growth IF you keep up the habits in the training

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Testimonial From Alex

Alex Williams. Speaker

I recently attended Ashley’s LinkedIn Weekly Habit Workshop and wow…it was amazing.

He made LinkedIn so simple, providing me with simple strategies and the materials to help me improve my engagement and grow my following.

I would 100% recommended this to anyone who wants a hassle free, straight forward approach to LinkedIn

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