Is LinkedIn a mystery to you?

Do you know you have to do something on LinkedIn but not sure where to start?

If you are frustrated by LinkedIn let me help you to get more from this free networking platform.  It's not as confusing as it seems and is a great way to build a steady stream of warm leads for your business.

The first step is for me to review your LinkedIn Profile.  I'll do this for FREE via a Loom Video that you can watch in your own time.  Click the link below.


Is this YOU?


Confused or bemused with LinkedIn ?

I can help, and I'll make it FUN

Do you love Instagram & FaceBook, but are confused by LinkedIn? Does the stuffiness of LinkedIn intimidate you? Do you lack the confidence to do much on this platform or end up scrolling without getting anywhere? Using LinkedIn doesn’t have to be stuffy or hard. I’m confident that I can help you that I offer a Money-Back Guarantee with my interactive training.

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Just 15 minutes a day and I'll have you loving LinkedIn 😁

Or your money back!!!!

Every morning for a week I host a zoom workshop from 08:45am (BST) for just 15 minutes.  You'll get a workbook to help you with your learning and a 1:1 on completion of the workshop.

By the end of the week you will have 

  • More profile views

  • Increased SSI score 

  • Improved Profile

  • More enjoyment from using LinkedIn

If not I will refund your money.  In full, no quibble!

Here's the link to book and find out more


What is the LinkedIn Daily Habit Workshop

Client Testimonials

What is the LinkedIn Daily Habit Workshop

This video shows you what you get!!!

The LinkedIn Daily Habit Workshop is my way to help you get more from LinkedIn by creating a sustainable habit that will fit in with your life. Every morning during the workshop week I host a zoom workshop from 08:45 for just 15 minutes. (I do allow some time at the end for questions) You also receive an interactive workbook to help you with your learning. This workbook extends the daily sessions and builds into a useable resource to help you keep going with your daily habit. PLUS. On completion of the workshop, there is the opportunity to book a free 1:1 coaching session with me to help you to get even more from the week.


Is your cup half full or half empty?

Do you feel like there are challenges that you just cannot overcome?

Are you seeing results from the efforts that you are putting in?

What would you say if I told you that I could change how you view your cup?

In fact, instead of worrying about whether your cup is half full or half empty, let me help you fill it right up. I’m the Full Cup Coach after all!

Now before you sigh, although I call myself a coach, really I’m a bit more than that, or maybe not even a coach at all, I’ll let you decide.

What I do know, is that I am here to help you. 

You may need.

  • Direction on building an enjoyable and productive LinkedIn network

  • Creative empowerment in your approach to growing your business

  • An experienced and patient listening ear

I believe I can motivate you to put in the effort for maximum return. My Full Cup approach will make you accountable for achieving sustainable and measurable success.

We’ll tease apart what you want to work towards and make practical steps to help you champion it, be it with your business, your LinkedIn or some other challenge that you have. They say work smarter not harder, so together we’ll do exactly that. Our sessions will hold you accountable to your SMART targets and I will join you, walking beside you or holding your hand on the journey to success.

You’ll find all your questions answered as you wander through the site, but don’t hesitate to book in 15mins with me and start getting the value of a Full Cup mentality!



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